Regency Above Ground Pool


Regency Top

Made In Canada

The Vogue Regency is produced right here in Canada! You can rest assured knowing that your pool is built to last through the harsh Canadian winters. Sizes range from 12’ round – 27’ round, and 12’ x 23’ oval – 18’ x 33’ oval allowing you to find the perfect fit to complete your very own backyard sanctuary.

Regency Fade

blow moulding technology

Vogue, the manufacturer of the Regency, was the first company in the world to use blow moulding technology on their resin frame. The blow moulding technology used is 100% corrosion free and will last for years. The blow moulding process also provides a much smoother, more elegant contour with superior shock absorbency to reduce effects from natural shifts in the ground.


salt friendly

The Vogue Regency is constructed entirely with high quality, highly durable resin which makes it salt friendly. Salt water pools have much lower chlorine levels, eliminating the irritative effects that are often found in chlorine heavy pools. Another benefit of salt-water pools lies in the softer-feeling water that many find desirable in comparison to the chemical-heavy water found in chlorine pools. Other above ground pools primarily use metal components for their structure and support, meaning that they are not salt friendly due to the corrosive nature of the salt itself.

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Inclusions Image 2
What's Included? Kit Complete
7" Resin Top Rails
6" Steel Vertical Wall Posts
Exclusive 52" Breeze Wall
Designer Resin Rail Caps
Mountain Top/Tan Mosaic Liner
Widemouth Skimmer
Return Jet
Hayward 19" Sand Filter
Hayward 1.5 Hp Pump and Motor
Filter Sand
Upgraded Plumbing Fittings
10’ High Pressure Pipe
Shut-Off Valves
Resin Deck Ladder
Maintenance Kit
Deluxe Vacuum Equipment
Starter Chemical Package

exclusive 52" breeze wall

Grey Regency

Mountain top/tan mosaic

Mountain Top Regency

sizes & shapes


pool round regency
  • 12’
  • 15’
  • 18’
  • 21’
  • 24’
  • 27’


pool oval regency
  • 12’ x 23’
  • 15’ x 26’
  • 15’ x 30’
  • 18’ x 33’

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