Your Guide To Winter Hot Tubbing

Many new hot tub owners are wary about using their hot tubs in the winter. They worry that the hot tub might be damaged by the harsh conditions or even freeze. Today, we will answer some common winter hot tubbing questions and give you a few winter hot tub tips.

Can You Use Your Hot Tub In The Winter?

Absolutely! Winter is one of the most enjoyable times of the year to get into a hot tub.

Won’t The Water Freeze?

As long as the hot tub has power there is no chance of the water freezing. The insulation in hot tubs not only keeps heat in, it also keeps cold out. While water in the plumbing will get a few degrees colder over time, hot tubs are programmed to regularly turn on the jets and flush out the plumbing. This prevents the water from even getting close to freezing.

Won’t My Energy Costs Skyrocket?

Hot tub heating costs will increase in the winter months, though usually not nearly as much as some people think.

While some cheaper hot tubs can definitely cost an arm and a leg to run in the winter, quality Canadian brands like Hydropool Hot Tubs are affordable to run year round. In fact, Hydropool’s Hydrowise insulation system is specifically designed for harsh Canadian winters and they come standard with money saving programming options; such as the ability to only run the hot tub during off peak energy rates.

If you’re looking for ways to further decrease your running costs, you can purchase a floating insulation blanket to sit on top of the water. This blankets act as a 2nd layer of insulation, keeping more heat in the water while also reducing heat loss due to evaporation.

Hydropool’s Hydrowise insulation system utilize 2 layers of insulation to trap waste heat generated by the pumps and heater; increasing the energy efficiency of the hot tub and protecting the hot tub equipment from harsh winter conditions.


Winter Hot Tub Tips

Don’t Use A Shovel To Remove Snow From Your Cover

Heavy snow loads on a hot tub cover are never a good thing. Over time that added weight can begin to “cup” the cover; pushing down the centre of the cover and lifting up its edges.

When removing the snow from your hot tub cover, avoid using sharp tools like snow shovels. If you’re not careful, shovels can dig into the cover, ripping through the vapour barrier and causing the hot tub cover to quickly take on water. Not only will this dramatically reduce the lifespan of the hot tub cover, it also dramatically reduces its ability to insulate.

Instead of using a shovel, clear snow off of your hot tub with a broom or a brush (like the one that you use to clean snow off your car). If there is an ice storm or freezing rain coming, the best thing to do is tarp the hot tub. Once the weather clears up a bit, remove the tarp and the ice should come with it!

If you don’t have a tarp and ice does build up on the cover, you can try to lightly tap on the ice to try and break it up a bit. Don’t hit the cover hard though as the foam insulation can easily dent, reducing it’s ability to insulate.

Make Sure That Your Cover Is In Good Shape

Worn out hot tub covers can cost you a ton of money, especially in the winter. As winter approaches, you therefore want to make sure that your cover is in good shape. If your cover is starting to cup or has become waterlogged and heavy, you should really consider replacing it before the cold weather comes.

Although new hot tub covers will cost you hundreds of dollars, the inefficiency of a worn out cover can easily cost just as much in the span of just one winter.

Wear A Toque

Wearing a toque helps your body regulate its temperature better and keeps long hair dry; leaving you comfortably warm while you enjoy all the benefits of using your hot tub in the winter!

Keep Your All Of Your Jets And Waterfalls Open

As we previously stated, water in the plumbing of hot tubs won’t freeze because the hot tub periodically turn on to flush out the lines and put new, heater water back in the plumbing. That said, some small lines – like those that supply water to your jets or waterfalls – can still freeze if these lines are kept closed for extended periods of time.

The lines that feed your jets and waterfalls are controlled by valves on the top of the hot tub. As you move these valves, it opens and closes various lines to increase or decrease the power of your jets or waterfalls. If a line is closed, warm water is no longer allowed to move through the line. This means that the water in the line will continue to get colder and colder until it eventually runs the risk of freezing.

To prevent these small pipes from freezing up, make sure to keep all jets and waterfalls valves open when you’re done using your hot tub. This will allow the new, heated water to flow through the pipes, all but eliminating the chances of your pipes freezing.

Keep your waterfall valves open when you’re not using the hot tub to make sure that the water trapped in the plumbing doesn’t freeze.

Don’t Change Your Water If It Is Very Cold Outside

While we normally recommend completely changing your hot tub water every 3-4 months, in the dead of winter this isn’t always the best idea.

While fresher water does make for a more enjoyable hot tub experience, changing your water in -20C weather is never a good idea. When it is that cold, it doesn’t take long for water to freeze. If you’re not very quick filling it back up, you run the risk of any remaining water in the hot tub freezing solid and potentially causing damage to the plumbing.

If you absolutely need to change the water, do so in small batches. Remove 6″-12″ of water at a time; refilling and reheating the water in between these partial drains. While this won’t get you the same results as completely draining and refilling the hot tub, it will get you by until the weather starts to warm up.

Don’t Forget About The Hot Tub

Our last winter hot tub tip is the simplest; don’t forget about your hot tub.

For most hot tub owners, there are times in the year when you’re just too busy to use your hot tub. While there is nothing wrong with this, you don’t want this lack of use to turn into a lack of maintenance.

Even if you’re not using the hot tub, check on it at least once a week and add your maintenance chemicals. Doing this can save you a massive headache later and makes sure that your hot tub is ready to use when you’re ready to start using it again.

Wrapping Up

At Aquacade Pools & Spas, we believe that the winter is the best time of the year to enjoy a soak in a hot tub. There’s nothing quite like relaxing and enjoying a soothing massage on a cold winter night.

Following these simple winter hot tub tips will allow you to enjoy your hot tub in the winter, without worrying about any damage brought on by the cold weather.

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