10 Pool Safety Tips

This summer has been one for the books and we’re not even halfway through July. Temperatures have been steady in the 30s and it seems as though the sun hasn’t gone away. This is great for those of us with paradise in our backyards as our pools have been used nonstop to beat the heat with family and friends! But with all of the fun and games that come with swimming in the pool, it’s important to remember some keys to pool safety to let the good times keep rolling! The Aquacade team of pool experts put together this list of 10 Pool Safety Tips to help you stay safe this summer:

  1. Don’t leave children unattended! This goes for most things in life, but it is especially important around the pool because children can be inexperienced swimmers and are accident-prone when playing in and around the pool.
  2. Make sure you have a proper safety cover. A properly installed safety cover provides peace-of-mind when away from the pool, so you can be sure that no debris, animals or even people accidentally fall into your pool.
  3. Install a fence and gate. It isn’t a bylaw for no reason – fences and gates are vital in preventing animals and people from falling into your pool.
  4. Ensure that all drains are covered properly. The vacuum effect in pool drains is powerful enough to hold swimmers, especially children, to the bottom of the pool.
  5. Keep the deck and surrounding areas clean and dry. “You’re going to slip and hurt yourself!” That isn’t just your mother being overprotective – when the deck is slippery and cluttered, it’s easy to slip and hurt yourself.
  6. Teach the young ones how to swim and ensure that they are comfortable enough in the water to be left to swim without assistance. This can be a good way to bond and have fun with your children.
  7. Have a first aid kit and flotation devices handy and learn CPR in case of emergency.
  8. Do not swim in the dark. Make sure that there is adequate lighting if you choose to swim during the night time.
  9. Be responsible when drinking alcohol. If you notice that a guest has had too much to drink, it’s your responsibility as the pool owner to ensure that they do not enter the pool.
  10. Keep pool chemicals and supplies out of the reach of children. Chlorine can be especially harmful if consumed or ingested.


This list wasn’t made to keep you from having fun in your pool this summer, we just want everyone to stay safe and be responsible while doing so! If you have any more pool safety tips that you’d like to offer, or if you want to talk to an Aquacade expert about pool safety, call us at (705) 566-1552!

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