Pool Games & Activities

6 Fun Pool Games & Activities for Kids

It’s Saturday and the kids are all fired up to get outside, enjoy the sun and splash around in the swimming pool. But as every parent knows (or learns eventually), the kids won’t stay entertained by the same routine forever! Try out these 6 Pool Games & Activities this weekend to keep the good times rolling!


  1. Noodle Battles

This is one of my all-time favourites. You don’t even have to explain the rules (because there are basically no rules), just toss the kids some foam noodles and floaties and let them go at it! If you want to stay organized and attempt to incorporate some rules, you can theme it as a medieval battle where the two sides must knock the others off of their floaties in order to win.

Noodles and floaties can be picked up from Aquacade.


  1. Treasure Hunt

Grab a handful of change and toss some coins into the pool and have the kids retrieve them as part of their “deep sea rescue mission”. Children love to let their imaginations run wild and having them believe they’re a part of a deep-sea diving team or a rescue mission will keep them entertained for an hour or so. And if they’re quick enough, maybe they can earn a buck or two!


  1. The Whirlpool

This is the most affordable activity on this list as it costs literally nothing aside from the water that is lost during the process. Instruct the kids to start slowly moving around the perimeter of the pool and continue to move around in a circular motion faster and faster until a whirlpool effect is formed. See if they can create a whirlpool strong enough to float on!


  1. F-I-S-H

This one is just like the game of H-O-R-S-E in basketball where one player performs a stunt and the other must reenact it. Stunts in the pool can be a 5-second headstand, 360 cannonball, or anything else that can be safely performed in the pool.


  1. Ping Pong

This one is similar to the coin treasure hunt, but instead of searching at the bottom of the pool, the kids will have to race to collect the most ping pong balls as they float atop of the water. It may sound simple and boring, but you’ll be surprised to see how competitive and imaginative kids can be!

Ping pong balls can be picked up at the corner store for just a few bucks.


  1. Belly Flop/Cannonball Contest

This one goes waaaaay back to a time when things were much simpler. A time when a winner was decided by the pain of a belly flop or the splash of a cannonball. Take it back to the better days and see who is the champ of the backyard with a belly flop or cannonball contest!



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