Hot Tub Water Valet


  • $299 For Hot Tubs*
  • $369 For Swim Spas*


  • $339 For Hot Tubs*
  • $399 For Swim Spas*


  • Base Price $90/Visit

*Please Note

Chemicals/Water/Truck Service Charge are not included in the prices listed above and will be invoiced in addition. HST is also applicable.

Full Weekly Maintenance Includes

This service includes complete maintenance for your hot tub or swim spa. We will take care of everything. The only thing you need to do is top up the water level when needed.

Testing & Balancing The Water
Wiping Down The Cover
Clean The Scum Line
25 Point Inspection
Skimming The Surface
Cleaning/Changing Out Filter
Restocking Empty Chemicals*
Cleaning The Cover

About Us

Aquacade Pools and Spas Ltd. Is pleased to offer our many years of personalized pool construction experience to the community of Sudbury, Ontario. We have customized programs to fill your specific needs. We take pride in offering our customers personal and direct service during the construction of their backyard dream from contract to completion.

The ownership and staff always value a strict work ethic with customer satisfaction as a top priority for forty years. This dedication to excellence shows in every project.

Whether Exquisite or Simple… we look forward to fulfilling our customers backyard vision.