Pool Opening

The sun gets brighter, the weather gets warm, and that is how you know our favorite time of year is fast approaching. Swimming pool opening season is an exciting time of year for all of us, but you have to make sure careful steps are taken during your pool opening not to damage your swimming pool’s liner, pump or filtration system. We do not advise that our clients conduct their own swimming pool opening, since there is too much room for error and successful pool openings are better left to the professional pool techs at Aquacade. While opening your pool, we provide seasonal maintenance checks, including sampling and balancing of water chemistry, checking the pool’s pump, and other mechanical functions.

What Do We Require?

Provide access and use of your garden hose and water tap. Turn off of garden hose when pool is filled.

Service Includes

Remove water and debris from the cover (Dumped on Customers Property as per City Bylaw)
Rinse and brush cover while on pool
Fold cover and water bags
Re-install pool fittings
Remount pool accessories and deck equipment (we do not re-install drop in stair units)
Hand-scrub waterline & coping
Start water circulation
Add Chemical Kit (if purchased)

About Us

Aquacade Pools and Spas Ltd. Is pleased to offer our many years of personalized pool construction experience to the community of Sudbury, Ontario. We have customized programs to fill your specific needs. We take pride in offering our customers personal and direct service during the construction of their backyard dream from contract to completion.

The ownership and staff always value a strict work ethic with customer satisfaction as a top priority for forty years. This dedication to excellence shows in every project.

Whether Exquisite or Simple… we look forward to fulfilling our customers backyard vision.